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Wisconsin romance

So I'm in Wisconsin...which isn't really cool or anything. visiting Bridgett. Her friends are so terrible and dull and there is nothing to do here I feel bad for her. Well I met this girl Carissa. She's Amazing. she's beautiful and funny and she sassy. we hung out today. Only for a bit because I didn't have alot of time. we had fun though..or well I did. We talked and cut up a shirt and got food. I wanted to kiss her but kinda chickened out...I didn't know how she'd react I'm bad at reading people when it comes to stuff like that. I'm actually sad about leaving this place because of her. I mean we just met and I don't really know her but I'd like to get to know her better and maybe I will but we're 6 and half hours away. this sucks.I mean I don't even know if she likes me too so...it might not matter....*shrugs* my journal is lame and I think I should shut up....
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